Bearmach Crossmembers

Turas replace their rear crossmember with a new one from Bearmach!

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Wheel Arches

Turas fit the Bearmach BA 3730 wheel arches to their Defender vehicle.

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Clutch Kit

Turas fit the Bearmach BR 3027BMK clutch kit to their Defender vehicle.

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Winch Bumper

Turas fit the Bearmach BA 5676A winch bumper to their Defender vehicle.

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Bearmach & Turas | LED Upgrade Kit

Bearmach’s LED 73mm clear lamp upgrade kit is suitable for Defender and Series vehicles. Also available in colour and smoke.

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Fitting Fire and Ice Style Side Steps

Land Rover Sophie shows us just how easy it is to install the Bearmach Fire and Ice Style Side Steps to her Defender 110.

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Meet Land Rover Sophie

We have been working with Land Rover Sophie and her amazing DIY work on her Defender and Series vehicles. Check out her YouTube channel to see what she’s been working on lately.

Turas and Bearmach Part 1

Turas Camping and 4WD Magazine kindly created a video featuring Bearmach! Head over to their website to read their latest issue!

Turas and Bearmach Part 2

Watch Turas’s latest video featuring products from Bearmach including Clutch Kits, LED lamps, Side Steps and Winch Bumper!

L’Asie en soi(e)

Emeline and Huge, also known as L’Asie en soi(e), have travelled from Europe all the way over to Asia in their Defender 110. Track their journey on their website to find out what stunning parts of the world they have found.

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