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Latest Episodes

Re-join the conversation with Andrew Whittam from EV Land Rovers and Dave Budge from Jaunt Motors, as we discuss the intricacies of one of their EV Land Rover Series conversions.

We cover the most difficult aspect of one of these builds; the rules and regulations the gents have to adhere to; and the upgrades necessary when modernising a vehicle of this age.

As a parting gift, Dave and Andrew both explain why everyone should consider a vehicle like theirs!


Going against the grain a bit, this week's episode is all about Electric conversions of Land Rover vehicles!

In the first of a two-part series of episodes, I speak with Dave Budge from Jaunt Motors in Melbourne, Australia and Andrew Whittam from EV Land Rovers, New Jersey, USA, both of whom are experts in converting Land Rover Series trucks into super modern Electric run-abouts!

We discuss the reception the gents have had to their builds, the passion and process behind them and touch briefly on the unique capabilities of these vehicles...but there is plenty more to come!

I hope you enjoy this first episode and be sure to tune in next week for the second half!

This week's episode features Kyle from Warren Defender in Houston, Texas.

Kyle tells us all about the trials and tribulations of being a Land Rover Defender restorer, talking through several of his current and upcoming builds.

Kyle also tells us about his life away from the shop; where he sees the future for Land Rovers in this ever-changing world; and the amazing Covid-battling project at the start of the pandemic, which he took on with his wife Megan from Accel Lifestyle.

A big 007 fan, we hope you enjoy this episode with "The Bond of Bearmach"!

Join myself and Aitor Gorosabel for our first ever episode.

Eigas Automoción and Bearmach have a long-standing relationship and during this episode we talk all things past, present and future.

Our conversation ranges from Brexit to the Covid pandemic and an interesting chat about Spain's Land Rover clubs and the internal rivalries that exist within most clubs around the world.

A real gentleman and pleasure to interview - Enjoy!

Hello and welcome to The Bearmach Chit Chat! A podcast for Land Rover owners, restorers, mechanics, DIY-ers and all round enthusiasts. 

I'm your host, Josh!

Each week we interview some of the worlds most ardent Land Rover fans and find out what really makes them tick.

The events of the last year have made it difficult for us all to engage with our usual Land Rover communities so we want to bring one to you!

Thank you for joining us!